Readington Trail Association

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In June, 2018, RTA members attended an information session for Team Velvet, Inc., a local nonmounted multimodal Horse Therapy Facility in Flemington.  Dr. Susan Edwards, Psychologist, provides therapy to children between the ages of 5  and 12 who have experienced trauma in their lives.  Her program utilizes therapy horses and ponies to teach love and trust and bring about healing. 

Here's what Janet Agresti had to say, "Our visit to meet the team confirmed our knowledge of the healing power of horses! We all know our lives are enriched by their presence. Dr. Edwards is giving her life to healing children that have been traumatized by life circumstances." 

Team Velvet, Inc., is a qualified 501c3, non-profit.  Please visit their website and consider making a tax-deductible donation to this great local charity!