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November 17th- Turkey Trot at the Horse Park of NJ Ride or Drive  Info>>

November 30th- Bucks County Horse Park Hunter Pace Info>

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Please visit our Trail Resource page that provides trailer parking info, trail maps, trail connections and descriptives.  Click Here>> 

Readington Trail Association

2019-2020 Deer Hunting Info

Bow Hunting - September 14 to Feb 15, 2020  ***7 days a week***
Youth Deer Firearm Hunt - November 23, 2019
Muzzleloader & Shotgun Nov 25 to Feb 8, 2020
Firearm Season, December 9-14
Rules and Regulations When Riding or Hiking
1. Always wear blaze orange.
2. It is recommended that you use the trails ONLY between 10 AM and 2 PM.
3. Areas posted as semi wild can be hunted on Sundays (small game).
4. Firearms Week, Dec 9 – 14. Most dangerous days of the year. Best to avoid areas that are hunted.
Portions of the trail system are subject to hunting, or are adjacent to private property where hunting may occur. Please wear blaze orange and/or ride on Sundays when hunting is not permitted on public land. Please be respectful of hunt clubs that lease public land to hunt as they pay for this privilege and are helping to control local deer populations.

Save the Date- Upcoming RTA Events

Nov 29-, Friday- Black Friday RTA Members only group ride and turkey tailgate.  Stay tuned for additional info.

Jan 12, 2020, Sunday- RTA Holiday Party at the Stoney Brook Grill

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Free Money!

Please save the proof of purchase labels from Triple Crown grains and forage (worth $.35 each) and Southern States/Legends/Reliance Hay Stretcher (worth $.25 each).  Bring them to the meetings or mail to RTA, PO Box 32, Readington, NJ 08870.  Also, Triple Crown would love to hear any success stories you may have about their products on their facebook page.  They have been a great supporter of RTA in the past, providing us with prizes for our events.  If you have something good to say- or just want to explain why you choose their feed- please share!

The November meeting will be held on November 14th 7 pm. at Crazy Horse Farm.

If you care to come for pizza before the meeting (6:30 pm), please email by 3 pm on Nov 14th.

Trail News


 Please report downed trees and other issues to the appropriate Trail Boss
or  We are partnering with the county, township and hiking group to maintain trails.  Look for upcoming RTA trail clearing sessions and please try to donate a few hours of your time.​

new!  Sections of the River Trail by Deer Path Park are muddy and churned up.  The Hikers have created some go-arounds for foot traffic and have asked that we keep horses on the main trail only.  Thanks.

The "haunted forest" on Cole Rd Greenway east has been cleared and is open.

The Lipton Trail and River Trail at Deer Path Park have been cleared and are now open.

The White Trail up Round Mountain from 629 has trees down but is passable.  The washout from persistent storms has made that section of trail treacherous for riding, unfortunately.  The white trail up to the top of the mountain from Woodschurch road has downed trees but is passable. The section of the White Trail across from the Stanton General Store remains closed to horses due to previous damage and also downed trees.

The parking lot on Summer Road to access the Pleasant Run Greenway and Lazy Brook Greenway has been expanded to accommodate a few horse trailers.

​We have learned that the Cushetunk trail section in Clinton and parking lot by the train tracks on Old Mountain Rd are not open to equestrians.  We are pursuing this with the County Parks Advisory Board.  For the Readington trails in Cushetunk, you can park at Pickell park.

​The parking lot in the field next to tower field has been expanded to accommodate 1-2 horse trailers.  Gravel still needs to be laid down on the expanded area.

Portions of Cole Rd Greenway East  (Tower field) have been leased out to the Profeta Farm for organic hay production.  Expect to see tilling, ploughing and seeding of the soil.   As an alternative, trailers can park on Morningstar Road off Hillcrest or at the Edgewood Rd. cul-de-sac.  Tailers can also park in the first field at the trailhead at the southern end of Cole Rd.  Pull in through the trailhead and park in the first field on your left. 

Rabies Incident in Lebanon Township on Oct 30, 2019

A coyote tested positive for rabies in Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County.  Click Here for more info>>

Thanks to all of our sponsors, participants and volunteers who made the RTA Fall Halloween Challenge a huge success!  Fun was had by all despite a few raindrops!  Thanks also to the Round Valley Youth Center and Bill for an amazing venue for our event!

Readington Trail Association (RTA) is a qualified 501(c)3 organization with the goal of preserving the rural atmosphere of Readington through establishing and maintaining many miles of beautiful trails throughout theTownship. In addition to trail work, RTA works within the community to support essential/emergency services and educate members and others about equine health, safety and emergency procedures.

Our membership spans a diverse spectrum of equine disciplines and we welcome new members! Please 
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